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Our Mission

To partner with passionate entrepreneurs who have a vision to build great businesses that will create positive impact in tomorrow’s world.

Our Mission


What we Are


What We're Not


How We Work

What We Are

We are active partners working with a select few

high-potential founders who aspire to take their 1:1000 ‘friends in a garage’ start-up through to a 1:50 scaled-up business with a clear path to growth, and beyond - to become a 1:1 successful organization that continues to thrive. 

What We’re Not

We’re not passive financiers or capital providers.

We are not incubators or accelerators. We’re no mentors, coaches, or consultants. We don’t pick teams and we don’t play a large portfolio in the hope 10% will make it.

How We Work

This means that we are selective who we work with. But when we partner with an entrepreneur, we wake up each day with one thought in mind: how can we add value to the business today? Then, we roll up our sleeves and get to work.


In practice, that means that we are available 24/7, we create financial models and strategic business plans, we invest our own money or raise external capital, we use our global network to find suppliers, manufacturers, experts and customers, we arrange introductions and negotiate contracts. In short: we are active partners who get our hands dirty and bring everything we’ve got to our companies to make them grow and succeed - while having fun together along the way. 

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